Hit for Mtv

Oh, happy days in our past
We played in a rundown old garage
A bunch of strange long-haired kids
We dreamed of starring on TV
The neighvourhood complained of noise
Our sound - not really their choise
The called us freaks and dirty dogs
We felt like heroes born to rock
We learned to play and learned to fight
We were determined to survive
And so it happened that one day
We started playing show-business game
Our manager is scared as hell
Forget your music - me must sell
Must please your RECORD COMPANY
Go write a hit for MTV
Back to the music from our past
That once we played in the garage
Now we sell millions at last
Overnight we are BIG STARS



Still waiting for the armistice

Close your eyes
If you cant stand to look at the sun
Life has lost its sense
Only memories there
Everything is late
Now you hate this city
You used to love so much
Close your eyes – but memories stay
Talk to strangers
Talk to strangers
Hear each world they say
It could be your story as well
There you are
There you are
Going down the crowed street
Try to get a reaction from the people you meets
Still waiting
Still waiting
Still waiting For the armistice
Shy attempt to ger out
Gotta make it this time
Life is fine…from distance
Spend all our money on gas
Fill the tank of your car
Turn the radio loud
Road still warm, a millions wheels


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